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Aaron S.

Navarre, FL

“Kip Kirby is a Jedi. Seriously -- what a turn-around we’ve seen in our dog! He is a proud graduate of her Beginner class, and it’s like he’s a new dog. She went above and beyond for us with our "problem child" and we couldn't be happier. Kip and East Bay Dog Spot are the real deal. We highly recommend this training center.”

Christie P.

Navarre, FL

“We are so grateful for Kip! My dog Noel just graduated from a private training session with Kip. Noel was hit by a car as a puppy before we got her and lost her leg. We decided to invest in training to help with her fear and confidence issues. Kip was so wonderful and patient with her. We have seen HUGE improvements since her training! Thank you for everything!”

Abby W.

Navarre, FL

“After researching dog trainers in this area, I decided to sign up my puppy for private lessons at East Bay Dog Spot with Kip Kirby. From day one, it was evident Kip is knowledgeable and passionate about training. She provided me with the tools to teach the basic commands as well as extra tips to work on specific problem areas. I love that Kip is very hands on with each session and answered all my questions. She was always available via text if I had training questions. I highly recommend Kip’s private training.”

K. Jensen

Pensacola, FL

“We learned so much from Kip over the course of our group classes. It was great to see the progress in all the dogs in the class. I also really liked that Kip made a point to try to help each dog (owner) tailor what she was teaching to each specific dog.”

Helen H.

Nashville, TN

“I was a first-time ever dog owner at almost 60 years of age, and I took my little Pomeranian to Kip for training. Watching Kip interact with animals in such a commanding, professional and loving was mind-blowing for me. It’s extraordinary to watch her train dogs large and small with the turn of her hand and tone of her voice.”

Dana J.

Gulf Breeze, FL

“I wasn’t sure if my tiny puppy could handle a group class being so young and small, but Kip Kirby proved me wrong. My puppy graduated, and I could not be happier. Very hands-on class, not intimidating, and well worth the reasonable price.”

Carolyn D.

Franklin, TN

“My dog and I took private lessons with Kip Kirby, and she was an awesome instructor. She asked me in advance what concerns/issues I had with my dog, and then at class time, had a lesson plan made up to work on those issues. Kip uses positive reinforcement techniques to teach dogs what to do – happily and willingly. My dog generally will not go to other people, but he felt safe with Kip and worked exercises with her as well as me. Kip really knows her stuff, and my dog made immediate progress with Kip right after the first lesson. Her methods produce well-behaved, loving and obedient dogs, which makes all the difference in the world.”

Kelsey J.

Nashville, TN

“I have a 2-year-old mini Aussie, who needed help with behavior problems. I found Kip's website after doing a local dog trainer search on Google and decided to reach out to her through her "contact me" page. Kip responded quickly, and although she had recently relocated to Florida from Tennessee, she still wanted to help me - long distance! Kip was kind enough to correspond through email with me, make me a couple of tutorial videos, and we also spoke on the phone. Her advice was invaluable, as I have seen my dog improve by implementing her suggestions. I recommend Kip to anyone who needs their dog, no matter what age, trained. Her friendly and approachable personality will make you and your dog feel comfortable and her knowledge and experience with dogs will have you reassured that your pet's behavior will improve!"

Tasha T.

Pensacola Beach, FL

“Kip is absolutely a miracle worker. After only our first lesson, we saw see amazing progress in our Lab puppy. He had a big problem with jumping, biting and chasing our cat. But already he’s doing all the commands we learned in our first group class with great accuracy! We are amazed! We seriously cannot even believe this! THANK YOU, He will even obey commands from our 7 and 5 year olds who attended the class with us! We were able to have our puppy sit and wait patiently for over a minute before releasing him. We can't wait to learn more next week!!!"