Keep Your Training Fun!
Here are some tips to help.


Stop Your Dog's Jumping

Dogs learn by repetition. When training a dog not to jump, you must correct the unwanted behavior each time it occurs. Otherwise, your dog thinks he's got a 50/50 chance of getting by with it, and will keep trying.

Train on Leash in Short Sessions

Using a leash ensures the dog is close to you while working and can't run off.  Keeping training sessions short means holding your dog's attention eagerly. Always stop before your dog wants to. This way, he'll be excited every time you ask him to train!

Scrap the Table Scraps

People often equate giving their dogs snacks, scraps and tidbits with showing love.  Actually, it's not love -- and it's not healthy. Feeding from the table can create "begging" problems and lead to weight gain and serious digestive issues.  Feed your pup a healthy diet and approved treats instead.

Make Training Easy!

Don't add training sessions with your dog to your already-full "To Do" list. Instead, make training a natural part of your daily interaction with your dog.  Any time you feed, play, potty, walk or pet your dog is a possible training session!

Tara and Happy Pit Bull